ASReml-R FREE for Medical Research

In support of those seeking solutions for COVID-19 and beyond we will be providing free licenses for ASReml-R statistical mixed modelling software for those working in human medical research and medicine.

ASReml-R FREE for Medical Research

ASReml-R FREE for Medical Research

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, companies and researchers around the world have been working on potential treatment candidates, building on the research from previous coronavirus outbreaks such as SARS and MERS. Scientists and medical workers are working around the clock to find a cure for the pandemic. However, there is currently no vaccine or approved treatment for COVID-19 and the cost of treatment and research is high.

During this challenging time, our highest priority is to support those who work unconditionally to seek solutions for COVID-19. VSNi are making a small offering to support the research being done and would like to take this opportunity to provide free licenses for ASReml-R Statistical mixed modelling software for medical researchers and all those associated with human medical research.

Contact for your free license quoting ASReml-R Free.

ASReml-R is an exceptionally powerful tool for fitting linear mixed models. It can handle extremely large and complex data analysis (of 500,000 or more observations / effects) and provides flexible methods to model a wide range of variance models for random effects or error structures.


  • - 12 months access FREE for all organisations involved in human medical research or drug discovery.
  • - Must apply from a certified company, research or academic email address and give full company details.
  • - Cannot apply from a private email address.
  • - VSNi reserve the right to refuse access.
  • - VSNi reserve the right to retract licenses that are known to be exploited or misused.
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