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H3 | A collaboration of world-class expertise, tools and experience in plant breeding

H3 is a collaboration between 3 highly experienced and respected organisations offering a modular statistical genetics pipeline to enhance plant breeding.

Driving a new generation of plants

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Pipeline modules offered

The diagram below features the modules where we can offer our expertise. H3 can advise and implement strategies on any one of these areas or multiple modules depending on your objectives. The modularity of the pipeline allows easy adaptation to specific user requirements. We can also review your entire pipeline and then make recommendations on improvements in areas where required.

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Power your decision making

For plant breeders, new data generating techniques in the field of genotyping, phenotyping, omics data and envirotyping present new opportunities for increasing the efficiency of breeding programs. 

H3 helps plant breeders use new statistical techniques and software to support better breeding decisions by offering:

A wide variety of experimental designs that allow precise estimation of genotypic effects and contrasts while correcting for noise factors.
A powerful map construction algorithm that efficiently produces genetic maps for biparental and multi-parental populations.
Exploration and quantification of genetic diversity and distances using sequence, molecular marker and phenotypic data. A preparation for later genotype-to-phenotype modelling.
Extensive suite of methods and visualizations to deal with the major problem in plant breeding and evolutionary biology: genotype by environment interaction.
A powerful mixed model-based approach to identify quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for whichever kind of breeding population, mating type, ploidy level, number of traits and environments.
Data fusion and integration of high throughput genotyping, phenotyping, omics data and environmental characterization data.
Decision support for selection of superior genotypes and crossing partners.
Visualization tools to support reporting and decision making.
Quantitative genetic analyses for all types of breeding populations that deliver estimates for important statistical genetic parameters such as repeatabilities, heritabilities, and genetic and environmental variances, covariances, and correlations.

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