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Breeding Management Systems (BMS) | Agricultural Software

The Breeding Management System is an easy-to-use software suite designed to help plant breeders conduct their routine activities with more efficiency.

Key Features Included in BMS Agricultural Software

One system, all the applications you need.

Database integration and queries

Breeding activity management

Statistical analysis

Management of genotyping data

Field data capture

Program and user management

API integration

Database integration and queries

BMS offers a customisable crop breeding database, with embedded query tools, making it easy to retrieve information with accuracy and speed.


Maintain genetic relationships with a unified germplasm database and offers automatic pedigree generation.


Accumulate standardised breeding information for strategic planning and search across multiple trials for parental selection and product evaluation.


Control vocabulary for traits, factors, and treatments.


Upload historical data, studies and field observations.


Export your data to analyse with external software packages.