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Genstat: The Complete Data Analysis Solution

Genstat is a powerful data analysis software that delivers insights for confident decisions. Its comprehensive suite of statistical tools, including leading ANOVA and REML, ensures trustworthy results even for the most intricate research questions.
"The power of Genstat resides in the simple, easy to use menu system and programming interface as world class statistical analysis software."
Neil Carrick, Fisheries Scientist/Marine Ecologist.

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Flexible statistical analysis for any field of research! Genstat equips researchers with a powerful toolkit to uncover valuable insights and make informed decisions. From foundational methods like ANOVA and regression to advanced techniques such as mixed models and spatial analysis, Genstat allows you to tackle any analytical challenge with confidence. Whether you're exploring relationships between variables, generating experimental designs, or performing multivariate analyses, Genstat's intuitive interface and robust algorithms make it the perfect choice for researchers.

Make data analysis easy with Genstat data software

Unlock the true potential of your data with Genstat, a versatile software package designed for education and research. With its flexibility and user-friendly approach, Genstat empowers users across all fields of research to delve into their data with ease and precision.
Navigate the data landscape effortlessly with our comprehensive menus, tailored to guide both technical and non-technical users towards accurate and effective data utilization. But that's not all—Genstat goes beyond the basics. Our powerful programming language empowers you to craft new techniques and conduct complex experiments.
Dive into a world of expansive possibilities with Genstat's vast range of data procedures, data management, and dynamic graphical capabilities. Seamlessly store and manipulate your data using our robust spreadsheet facilities. Engage with your plots like never before through our intuitive graphics viewer, allowing you to edit and interact with your visualizations.
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Discover the newest features designed to improve workflows, enhance analyses and accurate insights in Genstat 24.

Genstat Data Analysis Software Features

Data Analysis Software Demos

Take a tour of Genstat data software with our interactive demos, taking you through several analyses, pre-loaded with sample data to get you started with our easily.

Modelling Binomial Proportions

Compare the effectiveness of three analgesic drugs to a standard drug, by testing the response in 14 groups of mice.

Contingency Tables

Test for an association between two categorical variables: wind direction and the occurrence of rain.

Principal Components Analysis

The Principal Components Analysis demo is an interactive demo, pre-loaded with sample data to give you a real feel of using Genstat for your analysis.

Genstat Case Studies

Our leading data analysis software and consulting services are chosen by seed, plant, aqua and animal breeding companies worldwide to support and inform the development of new varieties, strains, stocks and breeds.