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Genstat provides an easy-to-use environment where only a few instructions or selections from the menus are needed to undertake simple or more complex analyses, bringing reliable and accurate analytics to your processes. For those in Agriculture, REML analysis facilitates fitting complex linear mixed models to unbalanced, spatial or repeated measures data arising from on-farm trials.

  • The strength in the ANOVA menu for analysis of variance when comparing treatment or cultivar is widely used in Genstat.
  • Genstat’s experimental design tools generate robust and efficient experimental designs, including randomised block, split-plot, row-column and cyclic designs for field trials.
  • Genstat uses generalised linear mixed models (GLMMs) and hierarchical generalised linear models (HGLM) to analyse non-Normal data from complex experimental designs with several sources of random variation, such as those in crop trials.
  • Cited in thousands of research papers, GLMM analysis is a common model used by those in agriculture.

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Today’s agriculturists must be knowledgeable in general biology, botany, genetics, soil science, climatology, hydrology, economics and forest management. We understand this and our software is tailored to suit all these disciplines. Our role is to support you in achieving your goals and as such, we promise to deliver yearly updates guided by your input along with an unparalleled level of support. Check out case studies from our valued customers to find out more about how our agriculture statistics software can simplify your tasks:

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