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How Can Data Science Improve Livestock Outcomes?

Designed by statisticians with non-statisticians in mind, our data and analytics software are ideal for users looking for exceptional decision-making tools.


Genstat is a flexible and easy to use menu-driven statistical package ideal for those involved in animal breeding activities. Genstat uses a standard menu and dialog interface where only a few inputs, selections and mouse clicks are needed to undertake simple or more complex analyses.

Genstat users in the animal breeding sector have a wealth of analysis models available to them including linear, generalised linear and non-linear regression models and multivariate analysis. Genstat analysis tools most commonly used by researchers in the field are: 

REML: Estimate breeding values and heritability from genetic models including the animal model, maternal trait model, common environmental effects model, and full-sib, half-sib and sire parental models

Genomic selection: Genstat offers a suite of procedures for statistical genetics including genomic prediction (or genomic selection) and selection indexes.

GxE: Genstat helps you easily explore the phenotypic performance of animals in different environments using a GGE biplot or AMMI model. 

QTL: Identify the genetic factors underlying phenotypic variation in animals by means of QTL linkage analysis or association linkage disequilibrium (LD) mapping from a genome-wide association study (GWAS).


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Our analytics software and consulting services are chosen by seed, plant, aqua and animal breeding companies worldwide to support and inform the development of new varieties, strains, stocks and breeds.

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