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How Can Data Science Advance Evolutionary Research?

Our data analysis software can take your research from dry bones to fully fleshed insights. For over 20 years VSNi has developed a range of data and analytics software to support scientists, researchers and breeders within the biosciences. Designed by statisticians with non-statisticians in mind, our products are ideal for users looking for exceptional decision-making tools that are able to accommodate increasingly large and complex datasets.


Genstat provides an easy-to-use environment where only a few instructions or selections from the options menu are needed to undertake simple or more complex analyses, bringing reliable and accurate analytics to your processes. Data from diverse sources is easily imported and made ready for analysis using efficient data preparation tools, and Genstat’s data visualization options help to identify insights from your statistical analyses and truly get the most from your data.


Case studies

Our analytics software and consulting services are chosen by seed, plant, aqua and animal breeding companies worldwide to support and inform the development of new varieties, strains, stocks and breeds.

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