The VSNi Vision

We want to see the challenges of global food production eradicated through the effective application of data, analytics and technology

Our Values



Working together to solve the problems and open opportunities for everyone



Being open-minded in our approach to what we do and how we do it



Always seeking to grow as people, as pioneers and as a successful business



For each other, our customers, our partners and our planet

Our Mission

To provide highly valued, instantly accessible and intuitively usable world leading analytical software and data that will enable continual, sustainable improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency of food production: benefitting our customers, our people, our owners and our planet.

Our Clients

Join VSNi to help thousands of customers around the world utilise our software to power their decision-making and discovery.

Join our team

Join us and be part of the team helping thousands of users relying on our analytical software and services to power their decision-making.
Digital Agronomist
Bangkok, Thailand
Full Time
1 position
Salary: Commensurate with experience and location
To support the company’s development of technologies to support the agricultural sector and to understand the link between crops and data: ensure that VSN is widely recognized and respected in its target markets and shows its understanding of the sector.
A world leader in the advancement and application of algorithmic and analytical content for the smart/precision biotech sector

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