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How we license

VSNi provides annually renewable software licenses, our entitlement types being Concurrent and Node-Locked. We also offer bespoke solutions.

Like many software companies, VSNi uses licensing to provide customers with access to our software products. Customers pay in advance for a license which allows an agreed number of concurrent ‘use instances’ for the software for a set time, normally 12 months. If the license is renewed and paid for before expiry it will simply roll on for a further 12 months. If payment isn’t received before expiry, access stops until the license is renewed.

There are a few differences in the way each license type (concurrent / node-locked) provides customers with access to our software. This section of the website is here to help you understand how each license type works so you can be sure each product will work for you. Of course, we can always be contacted at if you need further help or guidance.

Node-locked licensing

VSNi licenses can be either node-locked, which means that the software can only be used on the computer on which the license is installed, or concurrent. Where customers want more than one user to have access to our software, they need to purchase and install multiple licenses.

Concurrent licensing

Concurrent licensing (sometimes called floating or networked licensing) enables customers to offer access to a wider community of users on a first come, first served basis. So, a license may grant one user access, or give access to multiple users (an enterprise license for example). 

Concurrent licensing also lets users acccess the software from different client machines such as PCs, laptops, shared servers etc., which makes using the software much more flexible. 

Concurrent licensing requires you to install our license management software on a nominated license server. The license server must be a reliable computer that is always running during normal operating hours as licensed applications will not work elsewhere on the network if the server is not available. Universities often choose this option, purchasing what we call a campus license. This same type of licensing arrangement is offered to larger companies and is known as an enterprise license.

Bespoke licensing

Larger organisations may have very specific requirements and require a more bespoke solution. For some complex installations, we can offer enterprise ‘on-premises’ licensing. This allows organisations to host their own licensing server and avoid the requirement for internet access. Being a bespoke solution, this option is charged at a premium and is only available for larger organisations – contact us at for further details.

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