Enhancing agronomic research through precise statistical analysis with Genstat

Enhancing agronomic research through precise statistical analysis with Genstat

Enhancing agronomic research through precise statistical analysis with Genstat

Deben Agronomy is dedicated to giving potato and vegetable growers the right guidance to grow better crops. They use their expert knowledge gained through independently generated trial data to provide actionable insights that boost crop yields and promote sustainable practices. 

The challenge: Cultivating confidence

In the pursuit of their research endeavours, Deben Agronomy faced a pressing challenge. They needed robust statistical analysis for their vegetable field trials data, specifically focusing on techniques like analysis of variance. Their primary goal was to instil confidence in the results derived from experimental trials—a critical factor for their decision-making and for their clients too. 

 For a field research scientist like those at Deben Agronomy, having confidence in their findings hinges on the ability to definitively attribute differences in results to specific treatments rather than mere chance. Achieving this level of accuracy was paramount in maintaining the integrity of their research and recommendations. To meet this challenge, they turned to Genstat. 

Choosing the best tool: The decision process

Finding the right solution involved a meticulous evaluation of available options. While considering various alternatives, Deben Agronomy's experts harkened back to their prior experience with Genstat. The intuitive nature and ease of use they had encountered in the past left a lasting impression. As a result, despite exploring other choices, Genstat's familiarity and reliability made it the clear choice. 

Hello Genstat: Where stats become user friendly

While acknowledging that they only scratched the surface of Genstat's capabilities, Deben Agronomy's scientists praised the software for its swiftness in generating intricate statistical analyses. This efficiency not only bolstered their results but also facilitated clearer explanations for their clients. The ability to present data-driven insights with clarity became an asset that set them apart. 

“Ease of use, combined with excellent support, has made our experience with Genstat truly satisfying. It generates statistical analyses quickly and easily to support my results, and the graphing capabilities allow me to explain these results clearly to clients.”
Angela Huckle, lead R & D agronomist at Deben Agronomy

Harvesting the results: Improved reputation and trust

Using Genstat helped to transform Deben Agronomy’s research outputs. They gained a higher level of credibility and could confidently attribute variations to specific treatments where there was a response from either the crop or pest. This precision enhanced their reputation and fostered greater trust among clients who depend on their guidance. 

 Deben Agronomy's partnership with VSNi's Genstat has shown how reliable statistical analysis tools can reshape the landscape of agronomic research. They fortified their methodologies and elevated the calibre of insights provided, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the agricultural industry as a whole.

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