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Environmental Science

How Can Data Analysis and Evaluation Improve Environmental Science Research?

For over 20 years VSNi has developed a range of data and analytics software to support scientists, researchers and breeders within the biosciences. Designed by statisticians with non-statisticians in mind, our products are ideal for users looking for exceptional decision-making tools that can accommodate increasingly large and complex datasets.


Genstat can make predictions from large environmental data sets using data mining techniques, such as support vector machines, regression trees, random regression forests, and neural networks. Genstat provides multivariate methods for analysing and interpreting biological and environmental data, including principal components analysis, multi-dimensional scaling, correspondence analysis, canonical correlation analysis, discriminant analysis and cluster analysis.

Moreover, Genstat provides tools to generate robust and efficient experimental designs, including randomised block, split-plot, row-column and cyclic designs for field trials, laboratory experiments, etc.


Case studies

Our analytics software and consulting services are chosen by seed, plant, aqua and animal breeding companies worldwide to support and inform the development of new varieties, strains, stocks and breeds.

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